B Scan Ultrasonography

B Scan Ultrasonography

What is ultrasonography ?

This is a painless test that makes use of sound waves which bounce back or echo from the interior of the eye to create a clear picture of the anatomy of the eye. This test is needed when details of the eye cannot be seen with the instruments used in routine examinations.

How is the test performed ?

You will be given eye drops to prevent pain and thick jelly will be placed on the eye. The ultrasound instrument is then gently placed on the eye. The test takes about 10 minutes and results in a picture of both the normal and abnormal anatomy of the eyeball. It is a safe and painless procedure, no X - ray exposure occurs in this test.

How is the ultrasound test used ?

Your doctor can use these echo pictures to arrive at a diagnosis, the probable future health of your eye, and a treatment plan. However, the test will only reveal the structure of the eye.

What complications are likely to occur ?

There are no significant complications, but there may be some temporary pain of the eyeball if it is inflamed. This can be easily treated by your doctor with no permanent side effects.