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A word about our New and Advanced Operation Theatre Complex

Sankalp Eye Hospital and Retina Centre has the stateof the art Clean Room Jointless modular Operation Theatre Complex of Fully Equipped Surgical Theatre, which provide the most sterile and clean environment for the complicated surgeries done here all year round. A large area has been dedicated to Operation Theatres with Controlled entry for patients and staff and temperature, positive pressure controls and monitoring at all times.

Sankalp Eye Hospital

Autorefractometer - Nidek

This instrument, a Japanese make allows fast and near accurate assessment of the refractive power ( spectacle glass number ) of the patient's eye. It saves considerable time when compared with retinoscopy an age old technique for refraction.

Autorefractometer - Nidek

B Scan Ultrasonography

What is ultrasonography ?

This is a painless test that makes use of sound waves which bounce back or echo from the interior of the eye to create a clear picture of the anatomy of the eye. This test is needed when details of the eye cannot be seen with the instruments used in routine examinations.

How is the test performed ?

You will be given eye drops to prevent pain and thick jelly will be placed on the eye. The ultrasound instrument is then gently placed on the eye. The test takes about 10 minutes and results in a picture of both the normal and abnormal anatomy of the eyeball. It is a safe and painless procedure, no X - Ray exposure occurs in this test.

How is the ultrasound test used ?

Your doctor can use these echo pictures to arrive at a diagnosis, the probable future health of your eye, and a treatment plan. However, the test will only reveal the structure of the eye.

What complications are likely to occur ?

There are no significant complications, but there may be some temporary pain of the eyeball if it is inflamed. This can be easily treated by your doctor with no permanent side effects.

B Scan Ultrasonography

Constellation Vision System Installed in Sankalp Eye Hospital and Retina Centre - Another Feather in the Cap

The State Of the Art In Eye Care Systems - Alcon's Constellation Vision System was installed in early 2014 at the Sankalp Eye Hosptial and Retina Centre Operation Theatre - Complex.

The Constellation is the World's No. 1 machine for 23G, 25G and 27G Vitreoretinal Surgery. This marks a new era in Sutureless Surgery and carries forward the Retina Foundation tradition of providing the very best and the latest to our patients.

This system has combined capabilities to perform advanced suturelessvitreo retinal surgery, Ozil - torsional phacoemulsification for cataract surgery and Retinal Lasers with endo - laser facility for Diabetic Retinopathy and managing complicated Retinal Detachment cases.

Constellation Vision System

The Game Has Changed for Vitreous Surgery

The Alcon Constellation Vision System establishes the standard of surgical control. Combining Ultravit High Speed Vitrectomy Probes with Duty Cycle Control, Integrated Pressurized Infusion & IOP Compensation, Advanced Xenon Illumination, and V - Locity Efficiency Components to deliver an exceptional level of performance.

Vitrectomy Surgery Advanced Technology

The Constellation Vision System delivers an exceptional level of performance through its advanced technologies.

Featured Technologies

Ultravit High Speed Vitrectomy Probes : Ultravit High Speed Vitrectomy Probes deliver 7500 cpm dual pneumatic drive technology in 20, 23, 25+, and 27+ series. This technology has been designed to optimize your surgical experience and patient outcomes. See Animation

Duty Cycle Control : The Constellation Vision System allows the surgeon to modify duty cycle to control flow independent of vacuum and cut rate. The surgeon is given the ability to select 3 different duty cycle options at any given cut rate, Port Biased Open, 50 / 50, or Port Biased Closed.

Integrated Pressurized Infusion : The Constellation Vision System constantly monitors infusion pressure. The IOP Compensation feature provides control of Infusion Pressure which results in more stable IOP.

Illumination : The Constellation Vision System delivers state of the art illumination for visualizing tissues. The Constellation Illuminator incorporates Engauge Radio Frequency Identification Device Technology ( RFID ) to recognize light probe gauge size and automatically adjusts light intensity. The Constellation Xenon Illuminator has been designed to provide long - lasting high brightness illumination.

Vitrectomy Surgery

Examination Unit

This is a motorized chair examination unit made by an Ahmedabad based company which has slit lamp and ophthalmoscope mounted on it along with the vision chart. The beauty of this unit is that the patient does not have to move from one chair to another for the basic eye examination. So, this is the patient friendly instrument.

Examination Unit

Haag Streit Applanation Tonometer

This is gold standard instrument for the most accurate measurement of the intraocular pressure of the eye which is mounted on the slit lamp. Keeler pulsair tonometer is useful for fast screening and the applanation tonometer is useful for detecting the pressure accurately. This is made by the world famous Haag Streit, a German Company.

Haag Streit Applanation Tonometer

NIDEK Keratometer

Nidek, a Japanese Company makes this instrument which measures the corneal curvature of the eye, which is useful for cataract IOL power calculation along with contact lens fitting.

NIDEK Keratometer

Nidek Tonoref III non contact Tonometer

Nidek, a very old renowned jananese company makes this beautiful instrument which allows rapid detection of the pressure of the eye without touching the eye by means of an air puff.

Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT with maximum resolution gives an excellent cut section optical view for in depth analysis of the retina. We at Sankalp Eye Hospital and Retina Centrebegan the use of this diagnostic modality for macular diseases in 2008.

OCT is a non - invasive, non - contact, trans - pupillary imaging technology which can image retinal structures in vivo, with a resolution of 10 to 17 microns. Cross sectional images of the retina are produced using the optical backscattering of light in a fashion analogous to B scan ultra sonography. The anatomic layers within the retina can be differentiated and retinal thickness can be measured. Besides this the optic disc and nerve fiber layer can be assessed in cases of Glaucoma.

Optical Coherence Tomography

PCI E.T.O Semi Automatic Gas Sterilizer

There are many instruments used in eye operation which cannot be steam sterilized and needs to be gas sterilized. Eye is an important structure where one has to prevent infection at any cost or the vision may be permanently lost. PCI is a reputed Indian company which makes this sterilizer.

PCI E.T.O Semi Automatic Gas Sterilizer

Sonomed Immersion A - Scan

Sonomed is a trusted name in ophthalmic ultrasonic biometer and very reputed name for immersion biometry a must test for any patient undergoing cataract surgery. It allows the most accurate measurement of the length of the eyeball and hence power calculation of the lens to be fitted in the eye.

Sonomed Immersion A - Scan

Streak Retinoscope

This is the gold standard instrument from German make which allows the determination of the refractive power of the eye ( spectacle glass number ).

Streak Retinoscope

Iris Double Frequency Green Laser Complete System Including Slit Lamp, Indirect & Endodelivery System

Iridis, a German Company is pioneer in diode and double frequency green laser. This instrument is must for treatment of various retinal disorders including diabetes mellitus. Slit lamp delivery system gives the accuracy of laser treatment when it is performed at macula, the most important structure for clarity of vision. Whereas indirect delivery system is the fastest for treating retina in general for lasers. Endodelivery system enables one to do laser during complex vitreoretinal surgeries.

The Iridex Laser is indicated for use in photocoagulation of both anterior and posterior segments of the eye including :

Retinal photocoagulation, panretinal photocoagulation and intravitreal endophotocoagulation of vascular and structural abnormalities of the retina and choroid including : Proliferative and nonproliferative retinopathy ( including diabetic ), choroidal neovascularization secondary to age - related macular degeneration, retinal tears and detachments, macular edema, retinopathy of prematurity, choroidal neovascularization, leaking microaneurysms.

Iridotomy / Iridectomy for treatment of chronic / primary open angle glaucoma, acute angle closure glaucoma and refractory glaucoma.

Trabeculoplasty for treatment of chronic/primary open angle glaucoma and refractory glaucoma.

And other laser treatments including : internal sclerostomy lattice degeneration, central and branch retinal vein occlusion, suturelysis, vascular and pigment skin lesions.

The FlexTip laser probe is intended to be used with Alcon 532nm laser systems.

TOPCON TRC - 50DX Type IA fundus Camera - Digital Imaging System

Seeing is believing and documentation is the key to the patient management and scientific research. This is the best and latest camera from Topcon, a reputed Japanese company with 18 megapixel fundus camera, fluorescein angiography system.

Digital Imaging System

Zeiss OPMI Visu 160 Surgical Operating Microscope

Zeiss Visu 160 Operative Microscope, Retroscope model with BIOM and SDI

It is one of the top end model of operating microscope from world reputed German company with the best observer microscope used for all eye surgeries, like phaco emulsification & also including most complicated retina surgeries. BIOM ( Binocular Indirect Opthalmo Microscopy ) & SDI ( Stereo Scopic Diagonal Inverter ) is an innovative instrument which allows visualization of the retina during vitreous surgery. 3 chip Full HD Sony camera allows excellent recording of the surgery used for demonstration & research purposes

Surgical Operating Microscope