Surgical Patients

Surgical Patients

Post - Operative Instructions

These instructions are for patients who have undergone eye surgery.

Pre - Operations Instructions

Your operation is scheduled on Dt. is January 22, 2020. You are instructed to reach At 8 o'clock in the morning outside the Operation Theatre. Then it is important to note the doctor, nurse or ward boy on duty who has come for the operation.

You must be nil by mouth from morning 5 o'clock. ( Do not take anything water or food ). You can brush and clean teeth and wash your mouth.

You must bring all the papers of previous treatment, and or current treatment. Document are very important to bring with you. e.g. Medicines Prescriptions, Laboratory Reports, Cardiogram ( ECG ), X - Rays, Doctors Reports.

Do Not Take Medicines for Diabetis Mallitus. You must take other medicines like blood pressure, with minimum sip of water.

One relative must accompany patient when coming for operation. Do not come alone.

Kindly inform doctor if you have any history of drug reaction or allergy or history of previous medicine side effect.

You are instructed to wear loose, comfortable cloths. Do not wear any ornaments.

If you have any query or difficulty in understanding above instructions, then you may ask doctor.


All Eye surgeries are mostly day care procedures, which do not require an overnight hospital stay. Most patient will be discharged with 1-2 hours.

Patients who operated under general anaesthesia may require to stay for more than 2 hours.

Stay at our centre will be comfortable, safe and hygienic stay facilities for both, the patients as well as the attendants.

Professional and well - trained nursing assistants are capable of handling any emergency situation and are available round the clock.

A consent form will have to be signed by you at the time of registration. The parent or guardian must sign in the case of minors and as witness signature for an adult patient.

We collect 10% of the estimated charges at the time of registration and the remaining 90% at the time admission.

You will be given an advance receipt which has to be retained carefully and returned at the time of discharge when you will receive a final receipt.

You may pay in Cash or with Credit/ Debit Card or Demand Draft or Cheque drawn in favour of "Sankalp Eye Hospital and Retina Centre".

Children below 15 years are not allowed to visit the patients.