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Complete Eye Check up

Complete Eye Check Up

Our comprehensive eye check - up includes in depth eye examination including vision assessment, optometry, slit - lamp examination, IOP measurement, retinal evaluation and so on. Additional tests like colour vision assessment, Schirmer's test for dry eyes, corneal pachymetry, gonioscopy etc. are also performed whenever necessary

Preventive Eye Check Up for Young and Middle Age Group

Young and Middle Aged Professional working on Computers are at risk of various eye related problems. At our centre, special check - up designed for these patients.

Paediatric Eye Check Up

Paediatric patients aged from birth up to 18 years are at various diseases and early detection is most important for prevent permanent vision loss.

Senior Citizen Eye Check Up

Senior Citizen patients have many age related eye diseases. It is very common nowadays older age group is still active in life and do all the activities.